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Flipper Deepsee Viewing Lens 'OUT OF STOCK'

Optical grade magnifying lens with 4" viewing portal
$74.50 incl GST

Polyp Lab Scope Flashlight

Scope Blue LED Flashlight
$37.90 incl GST

Polyplab Coral View Lens 'OUT OF STOCK'

With the new Polyplab Coral view lens, take pictures quickly and easily for the perfect shot every time.
$44.90 incl GST

Seneye USB Reef

Continuously monitor and analyze key life-critical parameters in your saltwater aquarium. Includes PAR meter
$299.00 incl GST

Seneye 3 Slide Pack 'OUT OF STOCK'

Seneye 3 slide pack Ammonia & PH (6.4-9)
$65.20 incl GST

DIY Aquarium Net Cover Kit Red Sea

Extra strong aluminum frame, purpose designed components, extra thin transparent net cover to be customized to fit most open-top aquariums
From $130.30 incl GST

Net Cover Zig-Zag 'OUT OF STOCK'

Use in conjunction with DIY Aquarium Net Cover Kit to circumvent equipment mounts
$24.70 incl GST

Eheim Plastic Hose 12/16mm, 3 Meter coil

Phenol and Zinc free
$31.90 incl GST

Eheim Plastic Hose 16/22mm, 3 Meter coil

Phenol and Zinc free
$52.70 incl GST

AquaStik Red Coraline 114 gram

Underwater epoxy putty Reef safe.
$29.90 incl GST

Red Sea Mesh Filter Bag 225 micron 'OUT OF STOCK'

Thin-mesh aquarium filter bags are perfect for new setups.
$24.50 incl GST
$18.90 incl GST

Red Sea Felt Filter Bag 100 micron

Designed to provide fine ‘polishing’ of water that is already low in particulate matter.
$24.50 incl GST
$18.90 incl GST

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