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Tunze Care Magnet Long Booster 'OUT OF STOCK'

Magnetic glass cleaner up to 15mm glass thickness with new Care Booster
$68.50 incl GST

Glass thickness from 10mm (3/8″) to max. 15mm (1/2″), Width 86mm (3.4 in.), length 140mm (5.5 in.), Including a stainless steel blade and two spare plastic blades.

Tunze Care Booster to float your Care Magnet

2 floats with 4 clips for Tunze Care Magnet long, strong and strong +.

The Care Booster ensures that the inner cleaning magnet of the Care Magnet floats to the surface as soon as it separates from the outer magnet.

The Care Booster can also be used as a handy grip tool for the external magnet.